Orange County Residential & Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Lawyer Based in Huntington Beach

Real Estate Lawyer Based in Huntington Beach

Betance Law, APC represents Orange County and Los Angeles clients with their residential and commercial real estate legal needs. Receive the legal help you need in the following practice areas:


Real-Estate-ScalesIf you need help reviewing your residential and commercial real estate transactions, we will help you assess every word of every sentence. Failing to read the fine print can lead to transactional disasters, and our trained legal eyes prevent these disasters from happening.

We also help you craft contracts and transactions that are most favorable to your business and/or residential interests.


We help corporate and residential clients solve their real estate disputes by providing representation that focuses on the big picture. Whether we help you settle or litigate until the very end, we always keep in mind what our clients need and want.

Our client-first approach allows us to be relentlessly goal-focused as well. Once we know what your desired outcome is, we won’t rest until we do our best to solve the dispute in a way that most closely aligns with your desired resolution.


No matter which side of the landlord/tenant dispute you fall on, know we are on your side. We fight to protect your legal interests, whether your tenant rights were violated or you are landlord who needs to collect money that is rightfully owed.


We help individuals and businesses review financing options to ensure they get the best possible financing for the property to be purchased. Our advice can save businesses and individuals thousands of dollars by finding the best interest rate and terms for your situation.

Contract Review

Contract review requires the help of legal professionals who care about the client, first and foremost. With Betance Law, APC, you will never receive phoned in legal advice and review. Our client-first approach means you will have the legal help of a team that feels like an extension of your personal family or corporate culture.

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