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Orange County and Los Angeles clients receive the employment law advice they need with the help of our committed legal team. Our attorneys help businesses craft effective employee handbook guides that fully comply with California law. Holding employees accountable for handbook violations depends on having legally binding handbooks, and we make sure corporations and businesses achieve this essential outcome.

Additionally, we ensure employee agreements are legally binding as well. If employee agreements violate California law, employees are entitled to bring a lawsuit against the business that could have easily been avoided.

Betance Law, APC also provides invaluable mediation when employer and employee negotiations grind to a halt. Resolving differences of this nature requires consistent and fair intermediating, and we make sure to provide this while also ensuring business interests are protected. If negotiations break down to the point of litigation, we dig deep and fight for our client until the business receives a fair settlement or litigation outcome.

No matter what your Orange County or Los Angeles employment law issue is, you can count on us to provide you with unrelenting legal representation until the matter is resolved.