Orange County Business Tax Planning & Filing Attorney

Business Tax Planning & Filing Lawyer Based in Huntington Beach

Business Tax Planning & Filing Lawyer Based in Huntington Beach

One of the most important elements of effective tax planning is whether a business files taxes in a way that is most beneficial to the business. Our team at Betance Law, APC helps Orange County and Los Angeles businesses do just that.

We investigate every possible tax deduction or exemption your business structure is entitled to, saving your business more money that can be put back into the business. Small businesses and large corporations alike benefit from our tax planning and filing help since we tailor our strategies and filing reviews to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

We also walk you through every aspect of federal (IRS) taxation, as well as California specific taxes. Some of the California taxes your business fails to pay can lead to trouble with:

  • The California Employment Development Department
  • The California Board of Equalization
  • The California Franchise Tax Board

California Employment Development Department

This state tax board was created to oversee employment-related tax matters and concerns. If you are audited by this board, we help advise you to ensure you navigate the process unscathed.

California Board of Equalization

You may hear from this board if your company fails to collect sales and use tax. If you have not properly planned for this and receive an audit as a result, we can help you deal with these issues and plan to avoid the issue from happening again.

California Franchise Tax Board

This board is similar to the federal IRS insofar as it is designed to collect state income tax. If you run into issues with the FTB, you may be audited or reported to the IRS. Contact us for help if you believe you may run into trouble with the FTB based on a business oversight or error.

No tax filing matter is too large or too small for our dedicated team to handle, and we look forward to helping your business. Contact our team to discuss all of your tax planning and filing inquiries.